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Activo Select


"Activo Select" is a feed ingredient in a form of concentrated microencapsulated essential oils of cinnamon, rosemary and oregano (Origanum) for piglets and sows.

Packaging: 10-kg bag.

"Activo Select" is used in the production of prestarters and starters for piglets and feed for lactating and pregnant sows. "Activo Select" stimulates the digestive glands, normalizes intestinal peristalsis, enhances the disintegration of the feed nutrients and their absorption into the blood. It has an antibacterial effect, and helps to boost the immunity and the consumption of food, which in turn leads to the release of stress during critical periods of the animal’s life.

Due to its plant ingredients, "Activo Select" improves the secretion of saliva, digestive juices and the production of enzymes in animals. In addition, the taste and digestive quality of food improves.

Empirically, the antimicrobial effect of herbal extracts was proved in vivo and in vitro.

During the incubation period, bouts of illness or reconvalescent condition of the body, animals eat less food, which leads to insufficient supply of the body with nutrients and vitamins it needs to recover and restore. Therefore, in these periods it is important to increase the feed intake by stimulating gustatory and olfactory reflexes.

The plant and spice extracts contained in "Activo Select" act purposefully to increase the immunity and improve feed digestibility in stressful situations and in other periods of life.

"Activo Select" essential oil is used to manufacture granular and powder animal feed. Through a special microencapsulation technology the oil remains stable during manufacturing and stands temperatures up to 80 ° C. To decide on the stability of "Activo" in specific conditions of feed production of each producer, "NCS" analyzes samples of the prepared feed which contains "Activo". This analysis is performed in an independent laboratory in Germany within a period from 7 to 14 days.

According to the results of this analysis the exact correlated dosage for maximum effect is calculated.


Below are some basic recommendations on the dosage per ton of finished feed:

Sows pregnancy / lactation 200 g / ton
Piglets prestarter 200 g / ton
starter 100 - 200 g / ton

The "Activo Select"  plant ingredient description:



• - enhances the flavor and stimulates the taste buds;
• - reduces the effects of stress and disease.

Key Features:

• - a flavoring agent;
• - an antioxidant.



• - inhibits oxidation processes caused by free radicals;
• - inhibits inflammatory mediators such as prostaglandins;
• - reduces inflammatory responses, regulates the body temperature;
• - relieves inflammation pain caused by infection.

Key Features:

• - antioxidant;
• - anti-inflammatory.




• - inhibits fungi, pathogenic bacteria and parasites in the digestive tract;
• - increases the permeability of bacteria cells;
• - changes the acidity within the bacterium;
• - inhibits the synthesis of energy in bacteria;
• - stabilizes the intestinal microflora;
• - prevents the formation of free radicals.

Key Features:

• - antimicrobial;
• - an antioxidant.

NOTE TO FEED PRODUCERS: Use NCS’s service to optimize the formulation of the feed you produce *. This will often help to reduce the cost of feed, or in the case of a justified increase of the formulation cost, to make it more effective. We also provide a service for the analysis of the stability of "Activo Select" in the produced feed to optimize the dosage.

NOTE TO PIG AND POULTRY FARMS: If you have purchased a concentrate or premix containing "Activo Select" essential oils from a manufacturer of feed, you can also use our service to optimize your finished feed formulation and conduct analysis to confirm the presence of "Activo" in your feed in the required dosage.


*) The work to optimize the feed is carried out by NCS’s European experts on pig feeding. All the food formulations are processed and stored strictly confidentially.